Anime Magic! Questions

What is anime magic?

  • Anime magic is an event held in the state of illinois for those who appreciate japanese animation and culture. we are an event that is attended by many and a space that allows attendees to meet and talk to others with similar interests, while providing a wide array of entertainment for all attendees throughout the weekend.

When is Anime Magic? How long is it?

  • Anime Magic! 2019 will be August 15-18th, 2019. While there may be slight variances in time, the convention typically starts on friday around 10am and ends on sunday around 4pm. 

Who runs this convention?

  • anime magic! is run by a group of like minded professionals who have a long history of attending conventions. we are a convention by fans, for fans. click here to meet the staff!

What does the "Magic!" in Anime Magic! stand for?

  • The "magic!" of anime magic! stands for our mission statement, which is in part, to bring the "magic" back to anime conventions that we, as a staff, experienced in our youth. It is also to bring new "magic" and inspiration to the convention scene in ways that no one has ever seen before.

What is there to do at Anime Magic?

  • There are tons of things! we have panels, guest signings, special guests, concerts, dances, video rooms, vendors, an anime "theater", masquerade, and so much more! head over to the programming tab at the top to check out more!

Does anime magic run "24 hours"?

  • From opening ceremonies to closing ceremonies, we never shut down completely. There are events throughout the night and certain rooms that are open 24 hours a day for the entire weekend.

Where are all the events held? Is there a map of the convention?

  • Anime Magic! is held at the Hyatt Regency in Schaumburg, IL. The program guide will have specifics of when and where to go for each event. You can get a general map of the convention here, at convention maps.

Is there a limit on how many attendees can enter?

  • There is no limit to the amount of attendees that can enter anime magic!. however, certain rooms or events may have limits due to fire code rules and space. the event itself has no cap, however, like any other large event we ask that you try to be mindful of not blocking hallways or other attendees.