Itasha & Import Car Show Rules & Requirements

Thank you for your interest in Anime Magic! 2019!

**This list is not finished and will be updated closer to the convention. Nonetheless, there are some basic rules below that will apply:

Anime Magic! accepts no responsibility or liability for any damage, accidental or otherwise, that may occur to your car, items, booth, merchandise, or anything else associated with your presentation at our convention by guests, hotel staff, con staff, attendees, etc. By bringing your vehicle, booth, merch, etc. to Anime Magic! you agree to not hold Anime Magic! liable for any damage, loss, etc. that may occur during your time at the convention. you are 100% liable and responsible for your own car/booth/items/etc.

Anime magic! accepts no responsibility or liability for any death, injury, damage, etc. that may occur from your presentation. anime magic! does not condone or allow dangerous driving practices. vehicles are to remain parked and in the "off" position for the duration of the event. the only time you are allowed to have your car turned on is when you are moving the car into your designated location and removing it from its designated location with the help of convention staff. if your vehicle has lights as a part of your demonstration, you may turn them on without turning the engine on. 

cars at anime magic will not be covered by a tent or any other covering. if you would like to bring your own covering, you are welcome to do so with the approval of con staff. please note that you would like to bring your own tent/cover/etc in the car show registration form when submitting. please include dimensions needed for such a device.

if you would like to bring a table, booth, or tent to sell merchandise please note this in your submission during registration. space is first come first serve. tables, booths, or tents used for selling merchandise may be subject to a fee depending on size, items sold, etc. determinations on booths/tables/tents and types of items sold will be made on a case-by-case basis. anime magic! does not GUARANTEE a space to anyone. 

there will be no electricity, power, gas, water, or any other utilities provided by anime magic!

your car is your responsibility. if it breaks down or needs a jump, you will be fully responsible to safely rectify the situation and bring it back to a fully operational state in order to move the vehicle in the event of an emergency or other situation that may require moving your vehicle either temporarily or permanently. 

if you are asked to stop what you are doing, move your vehicle, or are given any other command by con staff, police, fire departments, security, government officials, hotel staff, or other recognized authority figures you must comply immediately. if you do not comply you will be subject to termination from the convention as well as any laws, ordinances, and policies surrounding the issue.