Cosplay Meetups Host Conduct

• To apply, you must provide a Host and a co-Host to act as back-up. Hosts will act as point-of-contact for the photoshoot and will be responsible for coordinating with Anime Magic! staff. Hosts will be responsible for communicating information to the co-Host.

• Hosts should arrive 5 minutes before scheduled time to prepare. Hosts must act as time keepers and wrap up the photoshoot at the scheduled end time, regardless if the photoshoot started late.

• Hosts are responsible for the photoshoot location and should leave the location as it was found.

• In the event the Host or co-Host do not show up to the Photoshoot, a new Host may be elected.

• Hosts must abide by Anime Magic! staff and Hotel staff. Any violation may result in the photoshoot being cancelled and the offending Host(s) being prohibited from applying to participate in future Anime Magic! conventions.