Dealer Policies

By registering as a Dealer you agree to these terms and conditions 

  • You must fill out the Tax Information Form as soon as you pay for your booth or table.

  • Dealers understand that these rules are established to ensure a safe, orderly, and proper dealer space. They protect the safety, security, liability, and public image of the convention and its attendees. Dealers agree that rules and policies, including these, are important and necessary for the smooth operation of the event, and they agree to abide by all such rules and policies.

  • Anime Magic! and its staff are authorized to enforce these policies and any policies it may enact, and we may provide penalties for violations of convention policies, including but not limited to ejection from the convention without refund.

  • All Dealers agree that they have and are solely responsible for having all the proper licensing that is required to do business at the convention or within the state or county.

  • Dealers agree they are solely responsible for the legality and merchantability of any items they sell.

  • Dealers may not bring merchandise into the dealers room that would be illegal to sell. This includes but is not limited to bootleg DVDs, unlicensed replicas or products, etc.

  • Anime Magic! reserves the right to inspect a vendor's booth and its products at any time. We may open and inspect any item, box, or container that are in packaging. We will NOT open items that are in their original manufacturer's packaging.

  • Selling weapons to minors is prohibited. It is illegal to sell weapons to minors. Dealers who sell weapons must set their display up in safe fashion to prevent accidents or injuries. Sole liability of accident or injury lies with the Dealer, and not Anime Magic!. Real guns may not be sold at Anime Magic!. Projectiles, ammunition, or air-canisters for any gas-powered guns are not allowed. If you are selling weapons you must securely package them and advise the purchaser that it can not be taken from the package at the convention without the approval of convention inspection. If you are found breaking any federal, state, or local weapons laws you will be solely responsible and held accountable for your actions.

  • Our convention is family friendly. Displays of adult material is at the sole discretion of the Dealer's Room Coordinator. Dealers must take steps to prevent minors from viewing materials that are sexually explicit, extremely graphically violent, or otherwise unsuitable for anyone under 18. Do not sell inappropriate materials to minors, as it is illegal. If you are found illegally selling inappropriate materials to minors you will be solely responsible and held accountable for your actions.

  • Dealers may not rent, sell, transfer, or sublet space to anyone else.

  • Space is first-come-first-serve. Space is not held for anyone until payment has been confirmed and the registration process has been submitted fully.

  • Signs, decorations, banners, etc may not be taped, nailed, tacked, stapled, or otherwise fastened to ceilings, walls, painted surfaces, or columns at our convention facility. If you do any of these things and cause damage, you may face penalties.

  • Anime Magic! is not responsible for losses due to theft, damage, fire, or any other causes. Dealers must take care to watch their own space during the dealers room hours.

  • Dealers may be responsible for purchasing their own internet access or electricity through the venue.

  • Anime Magic! reserves the right to ask any Dealer to leave the convention at any time for any reason that we believe may harm the event.

  • Anime Magic! reserves the right to amend, adapt, modify, update or otherwise change these rules at any time to protect the safety, security, liability, or public image of the convention and/or its attendees, or for any other reason deemed necessary.