Jonathon Santiago

Director of Technology


My Role at Anime Magic!

As the Director of Technology at Anime Magic!, I am directly in charge of the Arcade, Tabletop Gaming, E-Sports, and much of the A/V needs of the con. I am a man of many hats and often cross into different departments to help out, so I end up with my hands in a little bit of everything! 

Convention History

I'm a long time con-goer that has been a life long fan of all things geeky & nerdy for 20+ years. On top of that, I'm happy to say I've been a special musical guest performer at conventions all across the USA in the band V is for Villains along with our President, Richard. I've hosted panels, put on shows, volunteered at other conventions, and been active in the community for a long time!

Get to Know Me

Outside of Anime Magic!, I am the owner and CEO of Chicagoland based Moonshot E-Sports. When I am not performing, working with my team, or playing video games I am a dedicated family man & proud father of three kiddos who I hope to share the joys of convention culture with as they grow (if I can ever manage to get some sleep!)  I'm huge music buff, I love music from all different genres, and on top of that play guitar in a band. I'm big into movies, video gaming, e-sports, table top & card games, and much more!

Favorite Anime

Record of Lodoss War

Favorite Games

Chrono Trigger 
Metal Gear
Shadow of the Colossus