Kon Meliksetyan

Director of Multimedia


My Role at Anime Magic!

My role at Anime Magic! is to capture all of the moments and memories of the convention. I'm directly in charge of all photography, videography, and any multimedia production for the convention. As the director of multimedia, I oversee a team of content producers who will be capturing these moments, as well as producing content for marketing materials and campaigns. 

Convention History

I have attended anime conventions for the past 13 years. My first convention was when I was 15 years old. In my younger years I spent a ton of time in the arcade (who am I kidding, I still do!) but over the years as my passion for photography grew, I found myself dabbling in cosplay and event photography. Conventions have held a large part of my life and provided plenty of awesome memories and stories to look back on, and I hope to capture those moments for you at Anime Magic! 

Get to Know Me

Outside of Anime Magic!, I work primarily as a wedding photographer. However, from time to time I also photograph real estate, automotive, and portraiture. I'm a proud uncle of my brother's two adorable children, and spend a lot of time babysitting (and photographing!) them.  I have a ton of hobbies; in my free time I love photography (obviously), video games, reading, binging on Netflix, travelling, cars, and I love arcades!

favorite anime

Excel Saga
Spirited Away

favorite games

DDR Extreme
Final Fantasy X
Metal Gear Solid 3
Tekken 3
The Last of Us