Lauren Goode



Lauren Goode is an actor, writer, and professional voice actor based in Chicago IL. Born in Dallas, Texas, she received a BFA in Theatre Performance with a minor in Philosophy from Stephens College in 2002. One year later, while performing in a production of Stage Door at the Plano Repertory Theatre, Lauren had the pleasure of  being cast as the voice of the bumbling agent,  Ms. Padushka on Funimation Studio’s Kiddy Grade. She then went on to voice Hina in Yu Yu Hakusho, several characters on Case Closed (including a kick-ass villain named Marvella), and her all time favorite role, Gracia Hughes on Full Metal Alchemist, which she reprised in the Conqueror of Shamballa movie. She also played both a villain and a saint on the Radio Drama, Paws & Tales.

Lauren moved to Chicago in 2005, got an agent, and started branching out into commercial and industrial voice work. Some of her clients include: Assassin’s Creed, Animal Planet, Cigna, Staples, Walmart, Oracle, Mercedes-Benz, Air Optix Aqua, Dixie, Nestle, Samsung, Motorola, Prescient Health, EY, and RE/Max.

This year she is excited to share her artistic passions coaching and teaching VO technique through the online training program, Such A Voice. Lauren is also a massage, fitness, meditation, personal development, and writing fanatic.

This is Lauren’s first convention appearance! She looks forward to meeting you and sharing stories (make sure you ask her how she landed her audition for Funimation... it's a good one)!