Masquerade Rules

*The information below is not fully completed. It is a work in progress and will be added to as needed. Please keep this in mind when reading this document.


By entering the Anime Magic! Masquerade, I give permission to Anime Magic! and its designees to photograph and/or video tape my costume and performance, to use these photographs and/or video tape as the convention sees fit. I also attest that I am eligible to compete as per the Anime Magic! Masquerade Rules and that all information on this entry form is true and correct.

I also, hereby, acknowledge that I, as the primary contact for this entry, and my group, if in one, will be asked to sign a paper copy of this form at the Masquerade Check-In at the convention. I also understand that if I, and my group if in one, do not sign, my entry will be disqualified and not be allowed to go onstage. If I or any member of my group is under 18, I understand that I/that group member must have a legal guardian sign the paper copy of this form at the convention.

By submitting this entry form, I acknowledge that I have read and understood the rules and guidelines established and posted by Anime Magic!.

Standards of Behavior

All costumes must cover your genitals, nipples, etc. you may not expose these parts of your body by stripping any garments off during the masquerade. all costumes and skits should be in good taste. please do not swear or use any obscene language or gestures on stage. your skit may not be used to purposefully insult someone. your skit or costume may not be used as a political, religious,etc. statement. 

Costume Themes

costumes must come from japanese or korean anime, manga, video games, music (jrock, kpop, etc), live action film, etc. exceptions may be made on a case by case basis for costumes that fall outside these categories. you may need to provide a photograph of the costume prior to being approved. 

Weapons & Effects Policy

no live steel. this means no real swords, knives, blades, guns, etc. no real weapons. period. you must use an obvious fake if your costume calls for it. if you are found to have a real weapon, it will be taken very seriously.

weapons such as nunchaku, bokken, etc. may be used with extreme caution and should not be swung in a manner to injure anyone.

NO real guns. period. once again, if you are found with a live firearm it will be taken very, very seriously. if your costume/skit calls for a replica, you may not point the replica at another human being. if you must "shoot" someone in your skit, point it away from the person. no live projectiles allowed, period. this includes airsoft bb's. if a projectile is fired (even by "accident") it will be taken very seriously.

if you are carrying a sling, bow, or other similar weapon you will not be allowed to carry ammunition on stage.

you are not allowed to throw any objects (even if soft) into the audience, period.

no fire, flames, explosives, flash powder, smoke, lasers, etc. will be allowed. no pyrotechnics. electronic flashes are permitted provided you inform the staff before hand. it must be announced before your skit to protect those who are sensitive to flashes. 

no smoke or vapor of any kind is allowed.

Costume Size

if you can fit through a standard door frame, your costume is probably good to go. if you cannot, then you should contact the head of the masquerade. that information was provided to you after acceptance of your application. Contact them immediately to discuss your plans and whether your costume can be accommodated or allowed.

Entry Limit

each contestant may wear only one costume unless in a group doing one large costume. multiple entries worn by the same person will not be allowed. one costume worn by multiple people at different times is also not allowed. each entry is allowed to cross the stage once. this means if you signed up for a "walk on" you may not do a skit, and if you signed up for a skit you may not do a walk-on. 

Costume Usage

we ask that you please do not wear a costume at anime magic! that you already wore in a previous year. keep it fresh!

Masquerade Craftsmanship

Craftsmanship is a separate judging. For Novices and Journeymen, it is run concurrent with the masquerade. You may participate in the masquerade without participating in the masquerade craftsmanship judging. However, you must participate in the masquerade in order to have your costume judged for masquerade craftsmanship.

For Groups and Masters, judging will be done prior to the masquerade. We will work with you to identify a time on Saturday. Available times will be communicated via the pre-registration process or during at-con sign-up. If you absolutely cannot be judged at a time other than during the show that can be arranged, but it is not preferred.

Stage Entrance & Exit

we do not allow jumping off the stage. if you jump off the stage, you will be immediately disqualified and ejected. you must also use the proper stage entrances and exits. using other entrances or exits that are not approved may result in disqualification and/or ejection. aisles and audience areas are not to be used for any part of the presentation. everything must be confined to the stage.

Costume Interaction

please do not wear or use anything that will damage, destroy, or ruin the costume(s) of other attendants. if you are wearing body paint or make-up, make sure it will not come off with casual contact with others. do not leave anything on the stage that cannot be removed by yourself or one of our staff quickly.

Costume Containment

all costumes must be self contained. no connections to electricity, water, amps, projection, pa's, etc will be provided or available.

Time Limitation

time limit information coming soon - stay tuned

Entry Limitation

entry limitations coming soon - stay tuned

Group Size

group size information coming soon - stay tuned

Time Commitment

time commitment information coming soon - stay tuned

Masquerade Pre-Registration

more pre-registration information is coming soon. however, you may begin pre-registering now at the link below!

masquerade pre-registration form

At-Con Check-In

more check-in information will be available soon - stay tuned

Skit Reviews

During your skit review, you will provide Masquerade Staff the information that you would like to be read when you step onstage. You will perform your skit as if you were on stage for final approval. This allows us to not only read your skit but see the actual thing.

Showtime Requirements

once you arrive at Main Programming for the show itself, you must be stage ready, meaning that you are in costume and ready for walk-on or skit performance. All contestants will need to be there. No exceptions.

If you wish to bring something to keep you occupied while you wait (deck of cards, novels, handheld video games), you and you alone will be responsible for the safety of your belongings.
Following the stage appearance, you will be guided back to the waiting area to enjoy the rest of the Masquerade until the awards presentation.

No Surprises!

do not make any last minute changes to your entry without consulting masquerade staff, and make sure you consult them with enough time before the show!

Stage Combat

you will not be allowed to perform any combat unless you can prove that you are a well trained and highly skilled stage fighter during your interview. the stage is made from multiple sections which should be considered in your plans.

Masquerade Office Hours & Location

office hours & location will be announced closer to the convention - stay tuned


If you sign up for the masquerade and fail to show up or do not notify us that you won't be there, you will be banned from signing up for 2 years. 

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