Masquerade Rules


By entering the Anime Magic! Masquerade, I give permission to Anime Magic! and its designees to photograph and/or video tape my costume and performance, to use these photographs and/or video tape as the convention sees fit. I also attest that I am eligible to compete as per the Anime Magic! Masquerade rules and that all information on this entry form is true and correct.

I also, hereby, acknowledge that I, as the primary contact for this entry, and my group, if in one, will be asked to sign a paper copy of this form at the Masquerade check-in at the Convention. I also understand that if I, and my group if in one, do not sign, my entry will be disqualified and not be allowed to go onstage. If I or any member of my group is under 18, I understand that I/that group member must have a legal guardian sign the paper copy of this form at the convention.

By submitting this entry form, I acknowledge that I have read and understood the rules and guidelines established and posted by Anime Magic!

Standards of Behavior

1.       All costumes must conform to convention, jurisdiction, and state guidelines for public decency. Costumes must be tasteful and cover appropriate areas of the body. Shoes must be worn in public areas of the convention.

2.       Profanity and obscene and/or lewd gestures are simply not allowed.

3.       Costumes and presentation shall not be used as a political, religious, etc. statement.

4.       Surprises are not allowed.

5.       Contestants shall not jump off the stage.

6.       Contestants must be registered attendees of Anime Magic! and be able to present a badge.

7.       Contestants must complete the registration form and sign the waiver to participate.

8.       Anime Magic! reserves the right to have the final word on all decisions.

General costume & masquerade rules

1.       Costumes from both Japanese and western media are allowed. This includes anime, manga, video games, comic books or film adaptations, or other media such as Korean media, J-rock, etc. Costumes outside these categories require pre-approval. Original characters regardless of media are not permitted.

2.       If the costume is larger than a standard doorframe, pre-approval will be required.

3.       One entry allowed per person. Participation in the Anime Magic! Talent Show is unrelated.

4.       Participation includes going before the judges during a scheduled time slot and walking across the stage during the Anime Magic! Masquerade event.

5.       Groups may contain up to four participants. Groups will be treated as a single entity when it comes to prizes.

6.       For future years, contestants may not wear a costume that they previously competed with at past Anime Magic! conventions.

7.       Do not want to wear or use anything that will damage, destroy, or ruin the costume(s) of other attendants or the hotel space.

8.       Costumes must be self-contained. No connections to electricity, water, amps, projection, PA’s, etc. will be provided nor available.

Weapons & Effects Policy

1.       Live steel is not allowed. This includes real swords, knives, blades, guns, etc. Prop blades must be fake and dull.

2.       No real weapons whatsoever, including airsoft guns. Prop weapons must be obviously fake. Prop firearms must have an orange tip with no projectiles loaded. All ranged weapons may not be tightly strung. Ammunition may not be carried onstage.

3.       Live projectiles are not allowed. Objects may not be thrown into the audience.

4.       Replicas may not be pointed in the direction of another human being.

5.       Fire, flames, explosives, flash powder, smoke, lasers, etc. are not allowed. Electronic flashes are only permitted with pre-approval.

6.       No smoke or vapor of any kind will be allowed.

7.       Those found to be in violation of these rules will be reprimanded.


If you sign-up to participate in the Anime Magic! Masquerade and fail to show up or do not notify us that you will not be participating at least 24 hours before the event, you will be banned from competing for two years minimum.


Contestants compete for awards based on two categories:

1.       PRESENTATION – Stage presence and costume appearance during the walk-on of the Anime Magic! Masquerade event on the Main Stage.

2.       CRAFTMANSHIP – Quality and accuracy of the costume. Primarily store-bought or commissioned costumes will not be considered. Exception to this rule is those competing in the Youth Division, so long as the person who created the costume is present. Contestants will need to bring a reference photo to leave with the judges. Work-in-progress photos are always a recommended.

Entries will be separated into one of four divisions, subject to change based on participation numbers:

1.       YOUTH – Individual or group consisting primarily of children 13 years of age and under

2.       NOVICE – Individual or group contestants who have won zero to one major cosplay award at any convention.

3.       JOURNEYMAN – Individual or group contestants who have won between two to three major cosplay awards at any convention.

4.       MASTERS – Individual or group contestants who have won four or more major cosplay awards at any convention.

Awards will be given out for:

1.       Best in Youth Division

2.       Best in Novice Division

3.       Best in Journeyman Division

4.       Best in Master Division

5.       Best in Show

6.       Judges’ Choice

Awards may include badges for Anime Magic! 2020, trophies, and additional prizes from sponsors.

competition hours

Now until August 15 at 11:59 PM

Friday                    8 AM – 6 PM
Saturday              8 AM – 2 PM

Saturday              3:30 PM – 4:30 PM

Doors open for the Anime Magic! Masquerade at 4:30 PM and is expected to go no longer than 6:30 PM. Contestants should report to the Main Ballroom for their scheduled timeslots.


Contact our Director of Logistics at or send us a message on Facebook.