Parking Info


General Parking Info:

  • General parking is FREE for all convention attendees!

  • General parking is located at the back of the hotel.

  • All lots and spaces that are not blocked off for specific usage (VIP/Con Staff/Vendors/Events/Etc.) are available for use.


VIP Parking Info:

  • VIP Parking is located in the back of the hotel. VIP parking spaces will be labeled as such and will be located in designated rows close to the hotel building and VIP Lounge.

  • VIP Parking is only available to those holding a VIP parking pass (Included in your VIP Magic! Pass purchase. Your VIP parking pass should have been mailed to you, or it can be picked up at registration).

  • Anyone found parking in VIP spaces without their VIP parking ticket will be asked to move to a regular parking space. If you do not comply, you may be subject to your badge being revoked.