Programming Questions

where's the programming schedule, and when will it be finished?

  • the programming schedule is fluid depending on many factors such as guest lineup, new events, time constraints, etc. we want to put up the most accurate guide of events that we can with as little changing information as possible. that is why we wait until the programming is final until we post it online. the programming guide will be available online and at the convention. if you want to check if it's up yet, head over to our schedule.

how will i know if there are changes to the schedule? how do i find what went on at events that I missed?

  • anime magic's customer service department can inform guests who ask of any changes in scheduling. find one of our staff who will help guide you in the information you're looking for. you may also check our guidebook app for scheduling information. anime magic! strives to post recaps of convention events after each convention. check our website and/or social media after the con!