Can I sell food at the convention?

  • you may not sell food at the convention. however, you may bring your own food for yourself and/or your friends/roommates to consume. you may not hand out or distribute food, even if it is free samples. 

what is the policy on room parties?

  • room parties may be held as long as the individual(s) running them are responsible and considerate of other people in the hotel. if alcohol is served, the party planner for that room is responsible for checking id's and ensuring no minors are involved in the party. excessively unruly parties or parties in violation of any laws, ordinances, bylaws, anime magic! rules, or anything else deemed INAPPROPRIATE or illegal, is a nuisance/etc by anime magic! staff, the hotel & it's staff, or any security, law enforcement agency, etc. shall be shut down. any party shut down for these reasons is subject to losing their anime magic! membership and possibly being trespassed from the convention premises. 

where can I find all the rules?

  • Please head over to our anime magic! rules page for more information. there will also be most of the rules included in the program book.