Special Guests Questions

What determines which guests attend anime magic?

  • There are many factors involved such as availability, timing, popularity, and reputation. we are generally open to suggestions, so if you have someone in mind that you'd like to see at anime magic!, head over to our forums or contact us and let us know!

What is the likelihood of getting *insert guest name here* to attend Anime Magic?

  • as stated above, some of the factors affecting this are timing, availability, etc. however, some guests are very hard or impossible to secure, while some are much easier than others. there are many factors that may be out of our control. feel free to make your suggestions and be patient! we will do our best to see if we can get your favorite guest to attend anime magic!

What is the autograph policy at anime magic?

  • this is usually printed in the program book that you can obtain at the convention. however, you can also take a look at our autograph policy online.