Staffing/Volunteers Questions

I want to staff or be a volunteer at anime magic! who should I contact?

  • If you would like to join our permanent staff, please contact or with your inquiry. if you would like to volunteer at anime magic!, please head over to our volunteer page and fill out the form!

What can i expect being on staff?

  • Expect a lot of work! seriously, it takes a lot of time, energy, and work to put on a convention. you can also expect to miss some or most of the convention. you will be expected to follow orders from your assigned department, and to be respectful and courteous to both staff as well as attendees. you can expect to meet and work with an awesome group of people who want to put on the best event possible :)

what time COMMITMENT can I expect if I'm on staff?

  • directors on the board are typically expected to attend 1-2 meetings per month, and work on their tasks on their own time in between meetings. other staff time commitment will vary depending on department, position, etc. the majority of your time will be spent at the actual convention.

What kind of tasks are expected of staff?

  • there are a wide range of skills needed by our convention. some examples include but are not limited to: media production, customer service, publicity, marketing, crowd control, medical, technical knowledge, project planning, and much more. if you have a specific skill set that you would like to work with, we can place you in a department to utilize your skills to the fullest!