Stefanie DeLeo



Stefanie DeLeo has been a guest at comic cons all over the US, Europe and Australia and loves running panels on how to navigate the publishing industry as well as the legality of publishing fan fiction. Stefanie is a published playwright and novelist.  She has a Master's Degree in Theatre from New York University and had lived and worked in South Africa for two and a half years with the Peace Corps.  Her first play, Worth a Thousand Words was published in 2010, which addresses themes of art as a means of communication as seen through the lens of an autistic child.  You can find her story published in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Dreams and the Unexplainible, where she chronicles her serendipitous story of befriending Jennifer Cihi - Sailor Moon, and traveling to so many conventions!  Though a New York City native, she recently relocated to Nashville, where she teaches 12th grade English.