Van Paugam

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Originally from Miami Beach and currently based in Chicago, Van Paugam specializes in 70s and 80s Japanese Disco, Funk, and City Pop. Claiming the title as the first DJ on Youtube who uses only vintage Japanese records ripped from vinyl to create mixes of rare and classic music that has rarely been heard outside of Japan. He started his journey into Japan’s music scene in 2016 in search of nostalgia for a distant time and place, and continues today uncovering artists and records that might have been lost to time if not for the meticulous preservation of Japanese record shop owners and aficionados.

Credited with creating the first City Pop mix on Youtube by juxtaposing aesthetic gifs of retro anime over the music, he influenced dozens of other Youtube Channels, Radio Streams, and even K-Pop stars such as Yubin on her hit single “Lady”. With over 80k subscribers on Youtube, a 24/7 radio stream dedicated to the genre, self-designed merchandise, and a monthly party at Chicago’s exclusive Sake lounge, Van Paugam continues to expand the influence of Japanese music from a distant era to inspire a contemporary and cosmopolitan minded audience.