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Please use this format: Name: First / Last Anime Magic! Pass Name Stage Name (N/A if it doesn't apply) Character Cosplayed Series character is from Do you intend to participate in the Craftsman Contest? If you do not have any group members, please put "N/A" in the field below.
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By entering the Anime Magic! Cosplay Contest, I give permission to Anime Magic! and its designees to photograph and/or video tape my costume and performance, to use these photographs and/or video tape as the convention sees fit. I also attest that I am eligible to compete as per the Anime Magic! Cosplay Contest rules and that all information on this entry form is true and correct. I also, hereby, acknowledge that I, as the primary contact for this entry, and my group, if in one, will be asked to sign a paper copy of this form at the Cosplay Contest check-in at the Convention. I also understand that if I, and my group if in one, do not sign, my entry will be disqualified and not be allowed to go onstage. If I or any member of my group is under 18, I understand that I/that group member must have a legal guardian sign the paper copy of this form at the convention. By submitting this entry form, I acknowledge that I have read and understood the rules and guidelines established and posted by Anime Magic! *