Event Accessibility Services

Anime Magic! seeks to provide a quality experience for everyone.

For any of our attendees with accessibility issue, please come to our Event Accessibility Service Desk for assistance. In the hotel we are located in the *room name here - coming soon*. 

Come by either location if you:

  • Cannot stay in a line for extended periods.
  • Need a sign language interpreter.
  • Need assistance in getting to a certain area of the convention.
  • Need priority seating due to disability.
  • Need to nurse a child.
  • Have any other special needs not mentioned here.
  • Have a service animal and wish to notify us of their presence.

Our experienced and caring staff understands your needs, and keeps any personal information you may need to discuss in the strictest confidence.

Another way Event Accessibility Services is here to help our attendees, staff and guests is by having a Quiet Area that is available upon request if needed. The Quiet Area is in our office in the *room name here - coming soon* in the hotel. Need to nurse a child? Anxiety rising? Need to de-stress at con for a moment or two? Visit Event Accessibility Services and ask about accommodations.

Whatever your limits, we will do all we can to help keep it from being an issue. If you do find someplace in the convention that you’re having difficulty with, let us know and we’ll do our best to fix it right away. If you have any questions, or have a situation that you would feel more at ease making advance arrangements for, please contact us.

Hours of Operation 2019

Event Accessibility Services

Hours of Operation will be announced closer to the date of the convention. Check back soon!